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Tweets – A really good day today. The mizzle abated from about 6:30-9:30; and afterwards it was only mizzle. Steady overcast, but no wind the whole morning. The park was absolutely overrun with AMERICAN ROBINS – I’ll list the count as 400, but I think that’s probably low. Huge amounts of robin song made hearing anything else difficult. By later in the morning (the robins started well pre-dawn), the skies were filled with large flocks of VIOLET-GREEN/TREE SWALLOWS – mostly the former. Total swallow numbers really difficult, but certainly more than 400 and maybe more than 1000, depending on how far out on the lake one wanted to count.

a.. Cackling Goose – one flock of ~60; only rarely have had them later in spring
b.. TRUMPETER SWAN – one landed in the slough south of Dog Central
c.. American Wigeon – four on the lake
d.. Killdeer – nest with 4 eggs in grass/gravel field
e.. California Gull – at least 1
f.. Osprey – one near nest; this was our first sighting of the year actually on the survey
g.. BARN OWL – one flying briefly around 8:48, Dog Meadow
h.. Western Screech-Owl – Matt saw one east of the boardwalk, 6:00ish
i.. – All 5 woodpeckers – Pileated seen by Sharon and Jordan right after the walk
j.. N. Rough-winged Swallow – one seen from Lake Platform – First for 2018
k.. CLIFF SWALLOW – one found on a late scan of the lake – First for 2018
l.. HERMIT THRUSH – one immediately south of Dog Meadow – First for 2018
m.. Western Meadowlark – four north of Fields 7-8-9, one singing
n.. Brown-headed Cowbird – one male – First of 2018
o.. COMMON YELLOWTHROAT – one singing unseen from across the slough – First of 2018
The BARN OWL looked like it might have been flushed by dogs, and then appeared to roost hidden in the triangle separating the south end of the Dog Meadow from the East Meadow.

This is our latest spring sighting confirmed for TRUMPETER SWAN, though we have 2 later sighting of SWAN sp., one from 2017-04-10, and second a very unusual date of 2012-06-14, when 5 unidentified swans flew by.

Conversely, this was our 3rd-earliest CLIFF SWALLOW ever; the earliest was 2004-04-01.

Birds I saw earlier this week were HOODED MERGANSER on 4/3 – our first in 5 weeks; COOPER’S HAWK on 4/2 – appeared to be carrying a twig into the Big Cottonwood Forest – nesting???; BELTED KINGFISHER on 4/3; VARIED THRUSH on 4/4; and at least two ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLERS on 4/4 – FIrst of 2018.

For the day, 66 species (plus two sightings of unidentified pigeon/dove that may have been EUCD). For the week, 72 species. For 2018, we’re at 100 species.

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