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Les Carlson and I headed over to Shillapoo Lake this morning to follow up on Jim’s notables from yesterday. Cindy McCormack soon joined us. Other than the Cliff Swallow we didn’t see any of the species that Jim noted. But…

We did find a couple of male Yellow-headed Blackbirds, which were pretty vocal throughout the morning. Greater Yellowlegs, Dunlin, and Least Sandpiper were in good numbers which we were able to count many times from the first Peregrine Falcon flyover. Foraging among the Least Sandpipers was an unexpected BAIRD’S SANDPIPER which held long enough for Jen Sanford to arrive, jump an American Bittern, and photograph the BASA with more than just phone pix through a scope. As we were leaving around noon I spotted a non-swallow in the overhead crowd. Not a Purple Martin, but “one of Larry’s kids”, our first VAUX’S SWIFT of the year. Tomorrow will bring something different, including more rain.

Randy Hill


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I had an entertaining morning at Shillapoo Lake (Vancouver Lowlands: coordinates: 45.6956365,-122.7440187) and also along Lower River Road just south of Frenchman's Bar this morning. Highlights were:

Ross's Goose - in with a flock of about 2500 Cackling Geese across from the entrance to Frenchman's Bar on Lower River Road

Rough-legged Hawk - flying high heading north

Lesser Yellowlegs - 1 at Shillapoo Lake

Black-bellied Plover - 1 at Shillapoo Lake

Purple Martin - 1 flyover at Shillapoo Lake

Cliff Swallow - 1 at Shillapoo Lake

Swamp Sparrow - 1 with large sparrow flock at the entrance to Shillapoo Lake

Keep your eyes and ears skyward.



Jim Danzenbaker
Battle Ground, WA
jdanzenbaker at gmail.com

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