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Stephen Chase schasecredo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 07:40:31 PDT 2018

An update for those interested in seeing Whatcom's Great Gray Owl:

The owl was last seen Monday morning on the campus of Harmony Elementary
School on Sand Road northeast of Bellingham. This location has already been
shared publicly in several places - I'm not sharing it for the first time.
It was first reported Friday; I believe a teacher on the campus of the
elementary school was the first to report it. At that time, he was
unwilling to share the location, without giving an explanation. On Sunday
(April Fools, coincidentally, we now can see), the location was shared on a
Whatcom birding e-mail group. I believe it was shared because Harmony is on
its Spring Break now, so folks walking around a school with binoculars and
cameras don't look quite as suspicious as they might otherwise. I live 10
minutes away, so I looked for it Sunday morning, with no luck, and was
there late in the evening Sunday night as well, once again, unsuccessfully.
My luck changed Monday morning. From my car, on Sand Road, I saw the owl
around in the woods just north of the school. He (She?) flew from a post in
the woods to the stop sign at the teacher parking lot of the campus. He
stayed on the post for 20+ minutes, and that's where he was when I finally
left. Joe Meche saw the owl that morning as well, and published some
fantastic pictures on a local birders Facebook group. As far as I've heard,
it hasn't been seen since. 25+ folks looked for it yesterday morning, and
quite a few last night as well. I know of several more who were planning to
be there this morning, so I imagine a decently large group is there at this
time; I haven't heard if it has or hasn't been seen today.

According to the Mount Baker School District's calendar, Harmony's break is
one week long. As of next Monday, they'll be back to class. I'm a
schoolteacher myself; as such, I *strongly urge you* not to hang around
during school hours, that is, if the owl is found again and seen into next
week. That will put a lot of undue pressure on the school, and will not win
favors. In the meantime, happy hunting - but please - be respectful! There
are still activities going on - a soccer practice yesterday, basketball in
the covered recess area last night, etc... The neighbors have, as far as
I've heard, been receptive to the increased vehicle and foot traffic, but
please mind their wishes as well.

Stephen, in Everson

On 2 April 2018 at 19:50, Gary Bletsch <garybletsch at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear Tweeters,


> There has been a Great Grey Owl in Whatcom County, apparently. It was said

> to have been seen and photographed on Sand Road, wherever that is.


> A flurry of confusing e-mails made me think it was just another April

> Fool's hoax, but I just heard from a birder who lives up that way, and the

> bird is said to have been seen this morning.


> Yours truly,


> Gary Bletsch


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