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Tue Apr 3 17:20:43 PDT 2018

Hello Tweeters,

Last month Bill and I spent 3 weeks in Namibia, Botswana,
and Zimbabwe. Our time in Botswana and Zimbabwe was brief, so the number
of birds we (primarily Bill) photographed there wasn't great. We drove into
Botswana from Namibia, crossing the border between Divindu in Namibia and
Shakawe in Botswana. We stayed at a Drosky's Lodge right near Shakawe and
took a boat trip on the Kavango River (just north of the Okavango Delta)
from there. We saw a number of birds on the boat trip, such as Pel's
Fishing Owl and White-backed Night-Heron, the we saw nowhere else.


If you would like to see the 28 birds we photographed in
Botswana, you can click on the link above. I'll be putting out photo sets
for the remainder of the trip shortly. We also saw lots of mammals and
reptiles, but those were mostly not in Botswana.

Over the past two years, in an attempt to see the world
before we get too old to travel, we have taken a number of incredible
birding trips. We always think each one was the best. This trip to
southern Africa was no exception--an absolutely amazing experience from the
perspective of birding and from the perspective of just being in some really
amazing places.

Charlotte Byers, Edmonds

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