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Just north and along the Columbia River at Ridgefield NWR, Bob Flores and I saw the return of Cliff Swallow and Northern Rough-winged Swallow while on Bachelor Island. We saw no Purple Martins at gourd poles today but did place a gourd at each pole, so now they will have something to play in and fight over until all the gourds go up in a couple weeks.

Randy Hill


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I had an entertaining morning at Shillapoo Lake (Vancouver Lowlands: coordinates: 45.6956365,-122.7440187) and also along Lower River Road just south of Frenchman's Bar this morning. Highlights were:

Ross's Goose - in with a flock of about 2500 Cackling Geese across from the entrance to Frenchman's Bar on Lower River Road

Rough-legged Hawk - flying high heading north

Lesser Yellowlegs - 1 at Shillapoo Lake

Black-bellied Plover - 1 at Shillapoo Lake

Purple Martin - 1 flyover at Shillapoo Lake

Cliff Swallow - 1 at Shillapoo Lake

Swamp Sparrow - 1 with large sparrow flock at the entrance to Shillapoo Lake

Keep your eyes and ears skyward.



Jim Danzenbaker
Battle Ground, WA
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