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Sun Apr 1 21:29:47 PDT 2018

Just a short note. I came across several new birding tools that may
enhance your field birding.

One is the "Mobile Audio Distributor". This wireless electronic gizmo
can be attached to your ankle or to your shoe (either foot works). And
as you move through the habitat you are birding it determines your
location through a GPS located within and then it starts to detect the
species of birds at that location that are calling or singing. Than as
you move along your course the "MAD" begins to broad cast songs of
select species that you have selected prior to your birding adventure.
So as you walk along the songs and calls of birds you need for your list
will sound out and then you also have an optional piece of equipment and
that is the wireless eye glasses that have a "Personal Digital Screen"
or PDS that displays an inferred image on one lens that will detect any
birds attracted to the hands frees MAD. The MAD and the eye glasses are
produced by All Seeing Imagery Inc. of Pasqual, Arizona.

The other interesting gadget is the "Paint O Meter" which is a chemical
detector that once place on or near bird scat/droppings it performs a
quick chemical analysis of the scat and then will on a wrist-watch type
screen give you the top three species of birds that most likely
deposited that scat. I know we birders are always looking for that extra
edge towards better location and confirmation of birds for those State
and county lists. This fine product comes out of New Hampshire and is
produced by the Little Else Matters Co. in Pridemore.

Anyway two items you might consider for your next birding trip.

Later Mike Denny

Mike & MerryLynn Denny
Birding the Beautiful Walla Walla Valley
"If you haven't gone birding, you haven't lived"

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