[Tweeters] Skagit Goshawk (not an April Fool joke)

Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 1 20:26:23 PDT 2018

Dear Tweeters,
It was raining heavily in upriver Skagit County today, the first of April 2018. Just as yesterday, there were great numbers of American Robins upriver, but I had no luck in my search for Say's Phoebes and Townsend's Solitaires. Mountain Bluebirds were also absent today.
However, during a period of improving weather in the early afternoon, I had the great fortune of viewing a juvenile NORTHERN GOSHAWK soaring above Concrete Airport. It flew around in a kilometer-wide circle over a period of close to ten minutes, giving me ample time to run back to my car for my scope, relocate the bird, and study it.
Most times, my views of this species are much briefer; I think today's bird gave me the longest look I've ever had at a goshawk.
Repeat, this is not an April Fool prank.
When I used to live in Concrete, I would see a goshawk about every other year or so. The best of all was an adult perched atop the west silo, right by the intersection of SR 20 and Superior Avenue! I even had this species on my yard list up there. Today's, though, was the first one I'd seen in the town of Concrete in about twenty years. 
Yours truly,
Gary Bletsch
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