[Tweeters] Owl vs. Cat - to Dayna Yalowicki

Doug Will diwill at uw.edu
Mon Oct 30 12:59:38 PDT 2017


Barred Owls (and other genus Strix) have a caterwauling cry which sounds
almost like a human child (high pitched) or a cat shrieking. If you did
not actually observe the "cat" visually, then perhaps that caterwauling
was the "cat" mentioned in your "owl vs. cat" post. Several times I have
heard "Who Cooks, Who Cooks for You" duets turn into caterwauling
between pairs of barred owls, especially fall and winter time. These
vocalizations were heard in Lake Forest Park, so not so far from you.

Doug Will
Lake Forest Park
and UW

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