[Tweeters] Owl vs. Cat

dlwicki at comcast.net dlwicki at comcast.net
Sun Oct 29 12:44:57 PDT 2017

While on my evening dog walk, just after dark, I'm quite sure I heard a scuffle between a Barred Owl and a cat. Walking by a house, I heard commotion in a tree in the backyard and strange noises, which I didn't pick up right away as Barred Owl. But then, more of the owl sounds and the unmistakable panicky wails of a cat. A few seconds later, all was silent. It was a wild night as I also saw 2 coyotes and heard a very weird call from I'm guessing some kind of night bird! A single whistle in the night, 3 of them over a minute or so.
Dayna YalowickiCanyon Park,  Bothell

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