[Tweeters] You Can't Win Them All - Missed Little Gull and Blue Grosbeak - but A Happy Ending

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My husband Joe Brown tells this joke about fishing, but it applies equally to birding:

An avid fisherman dies, and when he opens his eyes in the afterlife, he is standing on the bank of a perfect river. A ghillie is waiting for him, and hands him a fine fly rod. The fisherman casts, and immediately hooks and lands a beautiful trout, the biggest he has ever caught. He casts again, and catches another beautiful trout, just like the first. “Wow, this is great!” he thinks, and casts again. Again, he hooks and lands a beautiful trout. He casts another time, and another, and another, and another, and another, and each time catches another beautiful trout. The fishing is better than anything he has ever experienced, but, surprisingly, he finds he is getting a bit bored. He asks the ghillie if they can move up the river a bit and try a different spot, but the ghillie answers, “No, sir, the fishing is better here.” “Well,” says the fisherman, “this isn’t quite what I expected Heaven to be like,” to which the ghillie replies, “Who said this was Heaven?”

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As EVERYONE who chases rare birds knows - it just doesn't always work out the way we would like. In the past couple of weeks, I have been a day late and thus missed the Little Gull at Point No Point and the Blue Grosbeak at Neah Bay. Would have loved to have either and will remain envious of the great photos by Brad Waggoner, Ryan Shaw, David Poortinga, Alex Patia and others. But as great as the disappointment for missing the birds, it was still fun birding and great experiences and it definitely comes with the territory. And there were consolation prizes - as well as good company on the pursuits. No Little Gull but a nice Franklin's Gull and many Parasitic Jaegers at Point No Point and a great interaction with a hunting Barn Owl at Three Crabs on our way back from Neah Bay. Such are why I bird.

I have written up the misses (and consolations) on my blog: https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.wordpress.com/19008 or just go to blairbirding.wordpress.com

Blair Bernson

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