[Tweeters] Sno/Skagit birding 10.26.17

Marv Breece marvbreece at q.com
Fri Oct 27 10:09:08 PDT 2017

High and Lowlights yesterday include the opening of the road to Big Ditch (north of Stanwood), the return of Trumpeter & Tundra Swans & the lack of hoped for Golden-Plovers near the West 90 on the Samish Flats.

Big Ditch
Trumpeter Swan
Tundra Swan
Peregrine Falcon - 2
Cooper's Hawk - 1
Black-bellied Plover - large flock
Cedar Waxwing - 1

Samish Flats
Black-bellied Plover - a few flew over the field NE of the W90, but did not land
Dunlin - a small flock with the above
Peregrine Falcon - 1 near the W90
Rough-legged Hawk - 2 at the E90
Trumpeter Swan - 6 in a field off of Sunset Rd

Fir Island
Trumpeter Swan - 17 on Maupin Road
Tundra Swan - 1 with the above
Northern Shrike - 1 at Jensen Access
Tundra Swan - a small group seen at water's edge at Jensen
Red Knot - 1 with Dunlin and BB Plovers at Hayton Preserve
American Golden-Plover - 1 at Hayton

No Rusty Blackbirds for me yesterday but they have been seen recently north and east of our state, so it's just a matter of time before someone finds one.

It was a good day.

Marv Breece
Tukwila, WA
marvbreece at q.com

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