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Crows and gulls will fly up high and drop clams on a hard surface to crack them.  May the crow figured it will crack a nut as well.  Bill Anderson; Edmonds, WA. USA

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i've seen crows and gulls doing this, and photographed a tree swallow doing this with a feather...
each looked like they were having a good time.  i think someone once told me it was likely done for survival in some fashion (making sure food gets home?), but that memory has been lost to time...

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Hi tweeters,

As I was walking on the campus at Highline College (in Des Moines), I noticed a crow swooping as if it was going to harass a raptor or some other predator, but there were no nearby trees.  Then it opened its beak and plucked a nut-sized object out of the air.  It then flew back up a few hundred feet, dropped the object, and swooped down again and caught it.  It watched it repeat this 5 or 6 times before I had to run off to class.  At the risk of anthropomorphizing, it looked like it was having a lot of fun.  I've watched ravens chase feathers in the way, but I've never seen a crow engage in this behavior before.  It put me in a good mood for the rest of the morning.

Good birding,
Lonnie Somer
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