[Tweeters] Top 10 Dreaming during the Birding Doldrums

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Thu Oct 19 07:58:44 PDT 2017

Maybe it was the returning rain that got me in the mood.  Here it is mid-October and the migration is basically over.  I just returned from a trip East on which I was able to only fit in a little birding  - two lifer Shearwaters at Provincetown :-).  Nothing new is jumping off the Ebird or Tweeters reports.  I would like to give Sunrise at Mt. Rainier another try but the weather is getting pretty iffy.  Too early to go up to the Okanogan which for the first time in many years I have not visited.  Still counting on Neah Bay to surprise us again - but not quite time.  And oh yes...there was the disappointment of missing the Little Gull at Point No Point despite an otherwise fun visit and good bird talk with Carol Riddell, Ken Brown and others.  All of this has conspired to put me in the Birding Doldrums...waiting for or better said, figuring out what is next.  Idle minds are dangerous - but birding - even when we are not out actually doing it can be endlessly entertaining.  So I decided to bird from my computer and to dream.  I came up with a dream list of the Ten Birds I would most like to see - if only I could will it to be.  Five would be lifers and five would be birds I have seen in the past but would like to add to my ABA or State photo lists.  And then I looked back on my birding past - compiling a list of the Ten Best Birds I have seen after October 19th in years past.  Thanks primarily to Neah Bay (and to the great birding community in Washington), it was a pretty great list.  I wrote this all up in a blog post.  Anyone interested can find it at https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.wordpress.com/18761  or just go to the blog at blairbirding.wordpress.com.
Here are my lists.  

| Dream List   | | Birds I have seen after October 19 List |

| | | |

| Smew | | Emperor Goose |

| Boreal Owl | | Northern Hawk Owl |

| Ivory Gull | | Rustic Bunting |

| Red Legged Kittiwake | | Eurasian Hobby |

| Spotted Redshank | | King Eider |

| McKay's Bunting | | Brambling |

| Little Bunting | | Dusky Capped Flycatcher |

| Whooping Crane | | Summer Tanager |

| California Condor | | Yellow Throated Warbler |

| Black Rail | | Northern Wheatear |

If you have nothing better to do or just want to dream your way out of your own doldrums, maybe you can up with your own lists - and maybe even share them
Blair Bernson

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