[Tweeters] Book Recommendations?

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I recommend "One Wild Bird at a Time" and "The Nesting Season", both by
Bernd Heinrich.

Jeff Kozma


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Hi Tweeters,
Fewer daylight hours outside of work means less time to go birding myself,
but I can still enjoy it vicariously. I'd like to build up an inventory of
good winter reading. I'm looking for some book recommendations of great
birding stories. I've enjoyed the Big Year themes (Kingbird Highway, The Big
Year, Birding Without Birders, Lost Among the Birds, etc...). I'm hoping for
some more of the same - preferably less of the journal compilations and more
along the lines of great stories about birds, bird discoveries, bird
research stories, or anything remotely close to those.
Thanks for considering,
Stephen in Everson

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