[Tweeters] Jaeger this afternoon off Richmond Beach, Shoreline

William wrboyington at msn.com
Wed Oct 11 15:55:24 PDT 2017


>From between 2:50 and 3:20 pm today, I watched a juvenile jaeger engaging in some chases of a few Mew Gulls here, and occasionally being chased itself by a gull or two. It was successful a couple times in getting a gull to drop sometime that the jaeger went down to the water to pick up.

As I look at the 1st edition Sibleys that I keep in my car, it mostly resembled an intermediate juvenile Long-tailed, with a uniformly gray head and neck that did not looked streaked to me on the nape in my scope views. Also, the barring of the flanks at the rear was pretty prominent dark and light, when viewed while it was sitting on the water. However, the bill did not look stubby, as shown in Sibleys, leading me to conclude it's a Parasitic Jaeger. Around 3:20, when gulls moved away, some to the north, it did, too, in that direction.

Bill Boyington
Shoreline, WA

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