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I've spent a good amount of time over the last 17 years watching Barred
Owls, and was pleased to once see one cough up a pellet. Though I can't
say I remember just how much what I saw looked like what you videoed, I
seem to remember the head moving more forward than up. Though it is only a
guess, my best guess is that your owl was trying to cough up a pellet, but
didn't succeed on the tries that you witnessed. I will be happy to hear
anyone else's thoughts on this.

As some of you know, I have also lead many owl walks in Seattle, and though
I haven't set up for the public lately, I will always lead for groups, or
individuals on request.

-Stewart Wechsler
206 932-7225 (currently only land line)

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> Hi, Tweeters! Yesterday morning, Andy Jacobson and I were at Discovery

> Park and had the great fortune of encountering a Barred Owl. After about 5

> minutes of us watching it, the owl began to open its mouth and bend its

> head backwards. Repeatedly. Andy caught this on video with his iPhone and

> scope (quick thinking!) which is here:


> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2rPGrhUdEck


> Does anyone know what this owl is doing? We kind of expected a pellet to

> come up, but we never saw one. Is it a food-in-crop manipulation to help

> with digestion? Or...?


> Thanks for your ideas,

> Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser

> Seattle***************************************


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