[Tweeters] A little birding in the Russian Far East and northeast China on the fly

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Mon Oct 9 23:10:11 PDT 2017

For you East Asian birding fans out there:

It has been awhile since I posted, but: just had another Russian Far East business trip, this via Beijing and Changchun, China, this might be of interest. The business itinerary was tight, but per tradition I took maximum advantage of first light and eves, and especially weekends (2). This resulted in 107 species seen between the two countries last week Sept-first week Oct. Highlights:

A PALLAS'S LEAF WARBLER, hard to get to sit still, and a personal favorite of mine passing in large numbers recently, this one in Changchun, China (Jilin, northeast China), link to EBird overall list at bottom:


Kamchatka birding was less eventful, but this provisional GLAUCOUS-WINGED x SLATY-BACKED GULL might provoke interest. I get the feeling that the notion of SLATY-BACKED GULL hybridization with other gulls is widely accepted, but I have been reluctant because (as yet) these cases seem mostly conjectural, not based on first-hand visual reports of hybridization and/or lacking support in Russian-language ornithological sources (at least the ones I've checked):


For Sakhalin Island to the south, a very approachable WHITE-TAILED (SEA) EAGLE allowed for better photos than I've had previously. This species has been increasing here. As before, the Ebird link for the full site list is at bottom:


Last but not least, the Primorskii Krai (Vladivostok area) seemed to have much fewer birds than usual, although I had the least time here to look. The best bird was found during a 35-minute layover at Artem Airport inbound, a female (EASTERN) BLACK REDSTART, although no good photo could be obtained:


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