[Tweeters] Black-headed Grosbeak at Poppoff

Kevin Lucas vikingcove at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 08:41:09 PDT 2017

Yesterday afternoon I saw a Black-headed Grosbeak off the Yakima Greenway
Path, on the Eagle Path in the Poppoff Trail area, right by the south pond
platform. It's later than I've ever seen one, and flagged as late by eBird.
It was in a Russian Olive then flew up a bit to a Cottonwood. I missed
getting photos. I know it's not a sought-after rarity, so likely won't draw
any interest, but if anyone is in the area, I'd appreciate it if you'd keep
an eye out for it and try to get photos. I flubbed my photos yesterday, so
I'm heading back over there shortly to try again. eBird would like provable
documentation. I recently was able to relocate a late Western Tanager the
next day for better photos, even though the odds seemed slim. Yesterday the
"Poppoff" area was loaded with Yellow-rumped Warblers (mostly Audubon's),
kinglets, Zonotrichia sparrows, and many more. There's plenty to see. A
Merlin frequents the spot, and yesterday a pair of Greater Yellowlegs fed,
preened and rested close by. I've not yet started hauling in seed this
season to the "Poppoff sparrow patch" north of here, but that location is
where I'd found White-throated sparrows before I set up the patch, and why
I made it there -- finding Harris's and White-throated Sparrows there each
winter since, and Bohemian Waxwings most winters. Four Great Egrets have
been feeding and roosting in the area.

The grosbeak spot is an easy one-third mile flat walk. The sparrow patch is
about three-quarters of a mile, also easy and flat. Both walks are part
paved and part packed gravel/dirt.

Google Maps links:

Parking (Don't leave valuables in your car.):

Black-headed Grosbeak:

Poppoff sparrow patch:

Good Birding,
Kevin Lucas
Selah, WA

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