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Just an FYI.. this opens up or scheduled to open on the 15th of this month:

There will be no pheasants released on Eide/Leque this year. Following the construction of the tidal channels for the first phase of the restoration there is limited cover for the birds and so we will not be release any. There are also concerns about the ability of people to move about and hunt the site with the limited channel crossing and dead ends. We are scheduled to open in the next few weeks hopefully with plenty of maps and signs to help people learn how to move around.

Thought this might answer a few questions..


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Phase One of the Leque Is. renovation project is almost complete (mid-October is the projected date, after which people will be allowed in - not sure what this means as far as the birds go. Phase 2 will be the breaching of the levees. Read more at this link and others having to do with this project :



First phase Leque Island restoration nears finish line ...<http://www.scnews.com/news/article_93cc6bd4-8c3f-11e7-be5a-5748a6c0f006.html>
As part of the restoration of Leque Island, the state Department of Fish and Wildlife is excavating new channels on the island, filling some of the straight ditches ...

Guess the levees aren't yet breached, nor is funding or permitting certain yet to finish the Phase 2 part of the project, which COULD be finished in either 2018 or 2019. Guess hearsay caused me to jump to conclusions...

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