[Tweeters] Pilated Woodpecker Knocking on my House...THX!

Theresa Simendinger cowgirltns at rockisland.com
Mon Nov 27 13:44:25 PST 2017

Tweeters; One and all….

As you can see I changed pounding to knocking on my log house because that is what it sounds like…
very loud knocking…I have gone downstairs with a broken foot many times to answer the door only to
remember.. the Woodpecker must be back.

That said, I do want to say I wish the Woodpecker no harm, just to stop him drilling or even just making little
holes before any pesty bugs decide its a good idea.

I keep remembering how thrilled I was when Pileated Woodpeckers and Flickers showed up at my feeder.I love
seeing all my feathered friends return, especially him/her. I have been putting out feed in between migrating times
for 12 years I've lived here. The "knocking” Woodpecker showed up two years ago and could be shooed away. But
last spring and now he wont be shooed…

I am ordering plastic snakes, owls and streamers as advised by all. I have birdhouses of all sizes all over my property
now for years.

I will let Tweeters know what works if any of the ideas sent to me….mostly..thank you all so much..if anyone hears of another
idea, please let me know and thank you all soooo much!

Friday Harbor

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