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The Mudminnow takes some real effort as they are very hard to find/see. Need to be netted. There are some roadside drainage ditches (super wonderful habitat) in the Olympia area where they are accessible. It's where I got some.

Only Bay Pipefish I found was in one of those cast and retrieve crab-catchers. We were fishing off the dock in Tokeland.

Even year pinks are certainly in the Snohomish system. Run was, at least until the past few years, growing quite nicely and was in the multiple thousands. WDFW's Mill Creek Office should be able to tell you where the spawners would be concentrated, which will be the best opportunity to see them. There are (or were) a few in Green around Seattle but I don't know their current status.

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My Amphibian/Reptile/Fish Big Year (ARF) is approaching and I'd like help with the following questions:

* Where and when to see Olympic Mudminnow- that would be a lifer.
* Bay Pipefish-haven't seen one in a long time.
* Does anyone have experience at the Bonneville Dam fish viewing area? Their website shows up to date fish counts.It would be great to see a lamprey.
* Which docks in the Puget Sound area are best for fish viewing ( pier peering?)? When and what species?
* Pink Salmon- Is there a river that has an even year (2018 as opposed to 2017 being odd) run of Pinks? I heard a rumor the Snohomish River has a few.

My listing ethics (ABA Big Year rules don't work for other big years)
* Has to be alive and in the wild.
* From a self sustained population or at least as far as I can ascertain. Hatchery ponds are out.
* I won't trespass or harm habitat just to get a look at a species.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
-----Steve Ellis
Coupeville, Wa
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