[Tweeters] Tweeting Bird Science On Twitter

Devorah the Ornithologist birdologist at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 01:10:37 PST 2017

Hey everypne,

I've been so excited about this, and hope you will be able to pop in to
learn about cutting-edge bird science ON TWITTER!

This is your chance to see Twitter’s collective IQ raised by a group of
dedicated scientists who will share their research into the lives of all
those brilliant, amazing birds (and it's also a great way to see how
twitter can be adapted to sharing science with the world!)

Tweeting Bird Science On Twitter

TinyURL: https://tinyurl.com/yczn7veu

so fly, my little birdies, and share this news widely! with everyone!
that's basically the entire purpose of this thing!

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