[Tweeters] Piliated Woodpecker ponding on my house.....help

Theresa Simendinger cowgirltns at rockisland.com
Sat Nov 25 12:37:10 PST 2017


Does anyone know how to stop a woodpecker from hammering on my log house?
I have had my home checked for bugs.I live in a meadow close by a bay.
It is right outside my 3rd floor bedroom window and has forced me to stop feeding
the birds at my feeder off my second floor. I was told it was just breeding behavior last spring
but he/she keeps coming back, even now, if I put out seed. Besides the racket I dont want holes
in my house to invite other pests…
I have been an avid birder all my life and feel he/she is being really unfair to a friend (me) HELP!
Friday Harbor

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