[Tweeters] Seattle redpoll, White-throated Sparrow

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Fri Nov 24 16:12:09 PST 2017


Alerted by reports yesterday and this morning, I found a Common Redpoll among siskins and goldfinches in birches on the east side of Green Lake this morning, with a few other birders around to share. I moved east to feeders near 75th and 20th Northeast, where I saw a slate-colored junco.

At Magnuson Park in early afternoon, I watched the gull platform (as I think of it) for awhile. At one point, all the gulls flew, and the coots paid attention. Looking for the reason, I saw an eagle pair come in low with the wind. The coots moved right under the dock, and the eagles landed on it, one after the other. After a bit, the eagles flew low and faced the wind, but not seeing how to outswim the coots under the dock, moved off back south. Later, as a few gulls returned, an immature Glaucous-winged begged from a newly arrived adult. The adult then attacked one of the roosting Ring-billeds. A bit of fish was regurgitated during the scrum, and the immature Glaucous-winged snapped it up from the lake. I've seen grown immatures beg frequently, but I don't know that I'd previously seen such begging successful in getting food from adults outside breeding season, and certainly not in this fashion.

Along the road between the tennis buildings and the vegetable gardens, an immature White-throated Sparrow was feeding with many White-crowned and one Golden-crowned.

24 November, 2017,

Alan Grenon

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