[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2017-11-22

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at frontier.com
Wed Nov 22 17:32:20 PST 2017

Tweets – There was a nice break in the rain this morning, with only occasional showers before sunrise, and then nothing at all until 10:30. The birds seemed to be taking advantage of the break and were active and about. We didn’t find much that was unexpected, but we had a nice morning looking through LOTS of birds trying to find any of the rarities that are showing up elsewhere. Alas, no Mountain Chickadees, Common Redpolls, Harris’s Sparrows, Bohemian Waxwings, Snowy Owls, Painted Buntings, etc.

We did have a few TRUMPETER SWANS fly overhead, and then saw one on the water from the Lake Platform.

We had several sightings of SHARP-SHINNED HAWK comprising at least 2 individuals. One of the Sharpies was on a mowed bit of pathway making barely audible mewing noises, and looking into the taller grass as if it were trying to pish birds or critters out. This went on for at least a full minute, while I stood no more that 15 feet away! Sharon may also have seen a Cooper’s Hawk.

At about 7:01 a.m., Sharon and I watched a SHORT-EARED OWL and a BARN OWL simultaneously cruising the East Meadow, for a great comparison. The Short-eared re-emerged at 7:10 for a final cameo.


CEDAR WAXWING flocks were seen several times; maybe they like the paucity of sub-freezing weather, for there seem to be more November Cedars than usual.

We had 3 PURPLE FINCH, only our second sighting in the last 7 weeks. These were in a small Oregon Ash at the 2nd Dog Swim Beach, a favorite location for Purples.

Quite a few fairly uncooperative flocks of PINE SISKIN were seen.

We had our first RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS in the last 4 weeks, but they comprised about 25 birds in many places, apparently all males.

Finally, we had two WESTERN MEADOWLARKS on light poles to the NE. Distant views and an unlikely habitat.

Misses for the day included Cackling Goose, Hooded Merganser, Common Merganser, Rock Pigeon, Northern Shrike, Bushtit, Marsh Wren, American Goldfinch, and Lincoln’s Sparrow.

Still, we managed and even 50 species for the day.

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