[Tweeters] Bunting at La Conner-Snowy Owl at Sandy Point

Patrick patforster at comcast.net
Wed Nov 22 15:44:48 PST 2017

Arrive there at 9:50Am this morning and 10 min later the bunting was at feeder. Seems every ten minutes he cones back. But at 10am he came back at 10:25am..partky sunny and windy.
Took a drive up to Sandy Point, never have been there. No snowy owl at 11:45AM! Walked down to the 2 vertical pilings and glassed aroung..zilch. On way back I see him on the logs across the narrow water bay!!! Hooray! Kind of windy also. Not real close, probably 100 yards out.. Used my 500 F4 Canon and 1.4x…works well.
Pat Forster

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