[Tweeters] Seattle Pine Grosbeak, Townsend's Solitaire

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Sat Nov 18 18:57:50 PST 2017

Hi, Tweets,

Among the rewards of birding almost all day in Discovery Park, mid-afternoon, Spencer H. and I saw (and heard) a Pine Grosbeak among the robins in the south meadow, though it made a couple of long flights to the northwest (and we made a couple of long hustles in pursuit almost north of the Capehart restoration area). It was a mostly gray bird, so seems a different bird than the one seen earlier in the week. Still later, we watched a Townsend's Solitaire fly in with robins and perch in a few places before also flying off. We couldn't find either bird again.

At the Ballard locks, we saw the Great Egret fly in from downstream around 4 p. m. to perch for a little while on railing near the water pipe outflow from the lock being maintained. We didn't see where it disappeared to, but we couldn't see all the nooks behind the partially open lock gates.

18 November, 2017,

Alan Grenon

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