[Tweeters] Asotin County Gyrfalcon and Trumpeter Swan Plus

Keith Carlson kec201814 at cableone.net
Thu Nov 16 15:45:03 PST 2017

Today while scouting for the Canyon Birders field trip this Saturday, Rick Welle, Terry O'Halloran and I had a great finish to our trip.
At Savage Pond among the many Canada Geese was this very large adult Swan.
The profile of the bill and the nicely rounded back lead me to Trumpeter Swan.
Just past Davis Road on Savage Road, we spotted a flock of 300+/- Snow Geese settling into an open CRP field
While chasing them, we saw a large raptor at the edge of the road.  As we approached, it took off with powerful wingbeats packing  it's lunch
After a chase of a half mile or so we were able to get some good, but distant looks at what I'm calling a female, juvenile, gray phase Gyrfalcon with what appears to be a hen Pheasant
The wing/tail length, powerful build and size lead me to that ID
Leaving the Gyr for the trip back to town, we had nice looks at a Prairie Falcon
Keith E Carlson


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