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Yes, the tip of Sandy Point is private property-- owned by a bank at the moment. However, there are no “no trespassing” signs, and local birders (as well as local Sandy Point residents) have visited this area for many years with no restrictions. In more than 50 visits over the last 5 years, I have never been challenged or asked to leave. Several local birders visit much more often than I do.

By the way, Snowy Owls are not nocturnal; they do much more of their hunting in the daytime than at night. The owl may have been sleeping when you saw it, but it is active most of the time in daylight.

Mark, it sounds like you are not from Whatcom County. When you post again on Tweeters, please indicate where you are from, in accordance with normal Tweeters policy. Thank you.

Wayne C. Weber

Delta, BC, Canada

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Of course you should all know that all of this area is private property—either bought/leased from the Lummi, or owned by the Lummi outright. You can purchase the point for a few million dollars for 12 acres. It appears like a local park, but is not and is posted

I was there 10 days ago—on the only day the owl wasn’t there—and was approached by residents concerned that I might be a burglar and emphasizing there is no public access per se.

The back bay is full of waterfowl—I asked residents and was welcomed to use end of street and water line access right of ways to view—still not public property

You couldn’t 10 days ago access via Slater Rd all the way to Beach Way—it was under construction. You had to detour on Halston (?) Way S to Red River Rd and then back up, before going down south again.

Try to spend a few bucks on the reservation—There is a Skippers at the casino gas station, and that certainly is an endangered species--

Mind your manners just like on the Makah property in Neah Bay. And mind how close you get—remember, this owl is sleeping all day until sunset

Mark Tomboulian

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It has been publicized previously, but this Sandy Point is west of Ferndale in Whatcom County. Take I-5 Exit 260 west on Slater Rd. At end bear left onto Beach Way. Then left on Sucia, left on Thetis and right on Saltspring to parking lot at end.

Phil Dickinson

Lake Stevens

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