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Greg Snyder snyder.greg at comcast.net
Tue Nov 14 13:39:45 PST 2017

The only app I installed on my IOS 11 devices is the Audobon Bird app.
Suits my needs.

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Does anyone have suggestions for APPs that would replace the National
Geographic Guide?

Mike Scuderi
cotinga777 at yahoo.com
Kent, WA

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Hi Tweets:
Many of us use the Jon Dunn National Geographic North America bird field
guide on our smart devices. National Geo is no longer supporting the APP and
has no plans to replace it. It "may" work until you update to Apple iOS 11.
All 32-bit APPs will stop functioning with the update.

Joyce Meyer
Redmond, WA
meyer2j at aol.com

Sent from my iPhone 6, Joyce

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