[Tweeters] Magnuson Park, 10 November 2017

Scott Ramos lsr at ramoslink.info
Fri Nov 10 17:19:56 PST 2017

A beautiful fall day, maybe the last nice day until Spring, if you believe the forecasters. Temps in the 40s, few clouds and calm—and lots of avian activity.

The memo about ripe Madrona berries must have gotten distributed. When I got to Promontory Point, about 9:30, there were already dozens of Cedar Waxwing flycatching in the tree tops—with bins, you could see swarms of insects. When the waxwings lit in between forays, they would munch on the Madrona berries. They were periodically joined by Robins and Starlings, all chowing down. A couple of Flickers came in to join the feast as did a Varied Thrush. In between the berry eaters were BC Chickadees, a Bewick’s Wren, a couple of Juncos and a Townsend’s Warbler, gleaning among the berries. A pair of House Finch, then a pair of Purple Finch made appearances, the latter sticking around for a berry meal. Then, a noisy flock of Band-tailed Pigeons flew in to the Madronas and nearby cottonwoods, scattering most of the smaller birds. An Anna’s Hummingbird managed to chase off a Flicker at the same time. But, their stay was short-lived because a large flock of bullies, at least 30 Crows, came in and pestered the pigeons until all of them left. And, then, even the crows started eating berries!

Video of the Purple Finch: https://youtu.be/w6_Mcbg6IRE

Actually, there were a few other nice birds in the park as well.

Bufflehead - many dozen, more than we usually see in the winter
Common Goldeneye - dozens, first of fall
Western Grebe - typical assortment, here and there, plus a long string of a flock in the middle of the lake toward Kirkland--my ‘exact’ count was 318!
Cooper’s Hawk - an immature was chased off its perch on a light pole by several dive-bombing crows; it flew into the wetlands, then got chased out of there as well
Barred Owl - its call, before dawn, caught my attention; finally found it perched on top of the shed at the north end
Yellow-rumped Warbler - a few Audubon’s were foraging high in a birch tree at the south end while a couple Myrtle’s were foraging below them, in a Myrtle shrub

While I was leaving, passing between the Shore Pond and the Dead-end Pond, a large Beaver ambled across the road.

For the day, 57 species. With Townsend’s Warbler and Barred Owl new, 128 species for the year.
Main checklist: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S40423864 <http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S40423864>
Scott Ramos

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