[Tweeters] Neah Bay

Mitch biglou22 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 16:47:48 PST 2017

Hi, I plan on heading to Neah Bay Saturday after a very short work morning,
and then staying over till Sunday. I was wondering if anybody else is going
to be there to maybe meet up with and or give me some pointers while there.
Ive only been to Cape Flattery look out once so I dont know the area
outside of the info in The Birders Guide. Im obviously hoping for the
Skylark, but the area has some other goodies as well. If anyone is going
over or is there already and is willing to school me in the glory of Neah
Bay feel free to contact me off the list. Thanks!

Mitchell Von Rotz
biglou22 at gmail.com

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