[Tweeters] Discovery Park Lighthouse parking

Karl Neice krneice at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 14:41:38 PST 2017

Sign at the lot near the Discovery Park Lighthouse says:

"Parking Permit Required. Permits are only for those who otherwise would be
unable to get to the beach: Families with children under 8, persons over
62, and others who are physically unable to walk to the beach due to
injury, illness or some other physical condition. Permits are available at
the Discovery Park Visitor Center. ...Permits are valid for 3 hours."

Never tried it myself, but it seems like giving a ride to anyone over 62 to
the beach would yield a permit. Of course they are limited but birders are
usually earlier than the public in general. Visitors Center is open 8:30 am
-5 pm.

Hope this helps - Karl Neice

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