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DE Juncos are both resident and migratory. A couple decades ago I had a partially leucistic individual that returned to the feeder for a day or two on almost the same date, a year apart. Migrating through. We have many local birds at our place that nest and are probably resident. Then, the migratory ones pas through.

Over the years we have had a variety of migratory species visit but often only once and for a few minutes of our viewing. Unless you watch 24/7/365 the migrants can easily pass through unseen. This is especially true of the species/subspecies that are not common. We actually look a teeny-tiny bit of the environment.

Glad you saw the Slate-colored. I have never gotten one to band but have had a few visit the feeders over the decades.

I was hunting/visiting friends in Goldendale one winter and they had a bunch of Slate-coloreds at their seed supply. No idea if this was normal or I just got lucky.

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Hey Tweets -

For at least a two-week stretch through mid-October I enjoyed regular all-day-long visits of a Slate-colored Junco. Its presence stopped as abruptly as it began. This is the only occurrence in my six years here. Wondering how regularly others are seeing Slate-colored or where I might get more info - eBird does not break it out specially in the bar charts.

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