[Tweeters] Eurasian Skylark & Zone-tailed Hawk at Neah Bay 11/7/2017

Ryan Merrill rjm284 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 21:26:27 PST 2017

Today Jordan Gunn, Jen Kunitsugu, Charlie Wright and I headed out for a day
of birding at Neah Bay and of course a hope at seeing the Zone-tailed Hawk
found Sunday by Adrian Hinkle and Em Scattaregia.

We had many highlights - I think these are most of them but may be
forgetting a few things:

Northern Goshawk - One bird circling over the Wa'atch Valley for a few
minutes, likely a juvenile.

ZONE-TAILED HAWK - Bullman Beach - We had tremendous luck in spotting the
continuing ZONE-TAILED HAWK several miles east of Neah Bay along the strait
at 3:40PM while starting on our drive home! It was flying along above the
road and car pretty close before disappearing over a ridge. We then got on
it again a little farther east but it quickly went behind another ridge and
despite waiting for awhile and driving back a forth a few times didn't have
any further sightings. We spotted the bird at these coordinates - 48.3487,
-124.5253. This is at mile marker 2 which is basically the east edge of
Bullman Beach and at least 3.3 miles in a straight line from the last
sighting the day before. If I had to guess I would think it hung around
Bullman Beach today, but really don't know.

'Harlan's' Red-tailed Hawk - We had nice views of the continuing dark morph
bird in the Wa'atch Valley

EURASIAN SKYLARK - Hobuck Beach - This awesome bird flushed up right in
front of us flying toward us into the wind probably within a hundred yards
of where the skylark this past May was. We had great views of it running
around on the beach and in flight. It was also calling frequently as it was
flying around. We got in touch with the other birders we knew were out
there and they were able to see it well. It was north of the campground
along the upper part of the beach before the dune grass gets dense. If it
stays around and acts like it was today it shouldn't be too hard to find
and see well.

Snow Bunting - Two birds flying around all over the northern part of Hobuck
Beach and also seen well on the ground.

White-crowned x Golden-crowned Sparrow - The adult continues in town at 2nd
& Lincoln.

Swamp Sparrow - One bird at Hobuck Beach in the dune grass just north of
the campground.

Common Redpoll - One perched with crossbills for a couple minutes at the
entrance of Hobuck Beach campground.

'Type 2' Red Crossbill - One in the Wa'atch Valley

White-winged Crossbill - Around 30 in pure flocks and mixed flocks with Red
Crossbills at the entrance to the Hobuck Beach campground plus great views
of a lone young bird at the north end of Hobuck Beach and two perched
behind Butlers Motel in town.

Good birding,
Ryan Merrill

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