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I would add that, as a birder and photographer, that there are some species that just don't offer good enough views all that often. Pretty sure that if there is an app for Ecuador that many of my shots would not be identifiable. Certainly apps help, but they are one tool just as there is no one Field Guide that works all the time. Like Barb said, we should be disconnected with technology out there rather than adding more layers.

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It's already a verb in my world (of watching Merlins !) And as for jargon causing beginners to feel out-of-it, aren't put-downs of peoples' inexact bird names just another form of put-down ? New birders have a lot of things to deal with as a result of technological and other changes in the past few decades - I'm sure most of them can deihl with the jargon and not give up on birding, or nature.
I, too, agree with Chris's thoughts about software not helping us "be in nature," as different from "mastering" it. Each of us has our individual ways and speed of enjoying and learning about birds. But let us not reject the enjoyment part, the fun!

Have fun out there while you "Watch the Birdies".

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