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Because they don’t really “belong” here? That said, David and I saw solo Snow Buntings in E WA on 10/31—one on Wissenfels Ridge Rd out of Asotin (Code 3 in Asotin Co) and one on Ping Rd on the way to Rice Bar (Code 5 in Garfield) With today’s Brown Point sighting (11:15 a.m, close to the picnic table by the lighthouse), that’s 3 in 3 counties in a week, all solos. The large flocks we’ve observed in years past have been in Douglas and Okanagan Counties.
Penny Koyama, Bothell
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The previously reported Snow Bunting by Michael Hobbs was easily located close to the shed at the Browns Point Lighthouse at 4:30 PM today. It was feeding on the ground with several Dark-eyed Juncos and two sparrows. Both sparrows had white throats, but mainly gave me views of their backs in waning light. Anybody looking for the Snow Bunting tomorrow, may want to look at the sparrows, as they may be White-throated Sparrows.

The Harris's Sparrow at the 11th Street bridge in NE Tacoma, took a bit of searching, but it was seen by several birders.

Any thoughts why we seem to see only single Snow Buntings in Western Washington, when there are large flocks in Eastern Washington?

Good Birding!



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