[Tweeters] More on the Zone Tailed Hawk Movement - Maybe Still a Go

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 6 20:12:53 PST 2017

Adrian Hinkle sent me some better clarification of what they saw at Ba'adeh Village as follows:

"We did see the Zone-tailed Hawk over Ba'adah Village (about 11:45am), but it was not heading north nor was it moving over the water. We saw it lazily working its way over the village, heading east, and last saw it go out of sight over the hill with the greenhouses. It still seemed to be hunting and easily could have doubled back. We left town a bit after noon, around the time when other birders were dispersing, and if the hawk returned to town it's possible that nobody was there to see it.  Now, if it shows up in Victoria tomorrow then case closed."
Carol Riddell and I did go back over Backtrack Road where we first saw it at about 12:45 and did not see it again.  We also birded the Ba'adeh Village Area after that and did not see the Zone Tailed there - but as Adrian says it could have (and we hope so) doubled back.  Ba'adeh is the area north of the main road into town - just before getting into Neah Bay proper.  It is where the Hooded Warbler was found in 2015 and the Prothonoatary Warbler was seen in November 2016 - Greenhouse Seawatch area.

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