[Tweeters] Northern Shrike takes goldfinch

Jeff Kozma jcr_5105 at charter.net
Sat Nov 4 11:40:28 PDT 2017

This morning I was playing with my dog in the backyard when I heard a
distress call from a bird coming from a birch tree that is on the boarder of
mine and my neighbor's property. Then I saw a bird with large white tail
spots fly into my crabapple tree in that same corner of the yard. I first
thought maybe a towhee, but then it flew out from the middle of the
crabapple tree to an outer branch right in front of me and then I could see
it was an immature Northern Shrike holding a struggling goldfinch in its
feet! When it saw me, it flew through the apple tree out over my neighbor's
yard and I lost where it went. Interestingly enough, the goldfinches that
were feeding on the catkins of the birch never flew off in distress. Almost
as if they didn't perceive the shrike as a predator, which may explain how
it caught a goldfinch in the first place. Definitely a great wildlife
moment and only the second Northern Shrike I've seen in my yard.

Jeff Kozma

Yakima (terrace heights)

J c r underscore 5105 at charter dot net

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