[Tweeters] birding tour guides

Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 2 19:14:35 PDT 2017

Dear Tweeters,
A post just came up, asking about a particular birding tour company. I cannot say anything about Birdquest, but I have been wishing for a number of years that some enterprising person would come up with a sort of TripAdvisor for birding tours. It could be set up as a sub-section of TripAdvisor or some other such entity, or be a separate entity of its own.
Interestingly, I ran this idea by a birding tour leader a few months ago, and he said that he would welcome it--but only if it were possible for the tour guides themselves to rate the customers! I've been thinking about that one for a while now.
I think the criteria for rating a tour company (or freelance tour guide) would include some of these:
--people skills;
--logistical skills;
--birding skills;
--technological skills;
--language skills;
There are assuredly more to consider.
Yours truly,
Gary Bletsch

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