[Tweeters] Recommendations for portable birding lists

Dusty Bleher TweeterReader at bagithere.com
Wed May 31 15:59:58 PDT 2017

G'day all;
I was hoping that someone reading here had a good source for local birding
lists. I don't mind printing them up and/or cutting them down and making
them for myself. I was hoping for something that would make a good
yard-birds list for the central Washington area (Snohomish county) as well
as close-in surrounding areas too.

Most of the ready-to-go lists are just too large, and/or the print is too
complex and small, to make a good compact, carry-along list to keep track of
my little feathered guys. I've seen the list from www.wabirder.com, but
just don't want to go to the hassle of having to hand transcribe it all.

Surely there must be a source of such a list that's easier to come by. And
yes, if need be, I'll pay for such thing. I just thought that with all the
birders posting to Tweeters, that surely someone already knows of such a
thing. As an aside, some compact and convenient way of carrying it and a
writing instrument would also be welcome.

Take care and be well all,
Lake Stevens, WA

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