[Tweeters] Green Herons Moving to the Suburbs

Snell Margaret masnell at comcast.net
Tue May 30 20:25:51 PDT 2017

Hi, Tweeters, I just returned from a family visit in the Chicago area. While staying with some relatives in the town of LaPorte in northwest Indiana, I was sitting on the deck in the early evening, when I heard strange croaks from the top of one of the two sugar maples shading the deck. My relatives informed me the croaks were from two green herons, which had nested there last year and had returned again this year. Last night a second pair came in and began snapping off twigs from the interior of the tree and carrying them to the top of the second tree, where they were installing them in another nest location. It was quite fun to watch, because the herons would come down to eye level, work to snap a branch, and then climb up the branches until they had to fly up to the nest location, about 30-35 feet off the ground in the tree canopy. But we all wondered, why are they coming into town? The house is in a small subdivision on the edge of town with other houses to the side and behind, with a small pond about 1/4 mile away. Any ideas?

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