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I lived on Maui for 5 years a while back and was there regularly for several years prior to that...am guessing that what you saw was a Mejiro (Japanese White-eye), ~4.5". They are small and quick-- can behave somewhat like Chickadees do when they hunt around the house eaves or garden here. Although described as olive green, they can appear brownish.
The only other candidate would be a Japanese Bush-warbler but they are an inch larger in size and not as frequently seen around houses, etc. Mejiro are quite common. Had a youngster hunker down and camp out on our 6th-floor lanai furniture for a whole day when the weather was nasty.
Hope this helps.

Dee Warnock

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> I recently had a short vacation on Maui, and while staying with friends

> (home above Makawao, elevation ~2900 ft) I watched a very small brownish

> bird hover in the eves and apparently eat spiders -- the bird most

> resembled an Elepaio, but all the guides (print & on-line) indicate that

> Elepaio does not occur on Maui. I'd appreciate any thoughts on what this

> bird might have been.


> Chris Kessler


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