[Tweeters] Melanistic Great Blue Heron (?) Snohomish

Lynn Wohlers wohlers13 at gmail.com
Sun May 28 18:13:34 PDT 2017

Today at Ebey Slough (Fobes Rd. area) in Snohomish at around 12:30pm, I saw
an unusually dark Great Blue Heron. It flew up, settled in a canal, then
flew up again and left the area, flying southeast. The entire bird looked
quite uniformly dark. Googling "Melanistic Great Blue Heron" produces
images very similar to that bird. I hope someone else sees it to confirm!
Also, there was a Little Brown bat (Myotis) resting in an alder by the
path, about ten feet from the ground.

Lynn Wohlers

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