[Tweeters] crows harassing a large (exotic?) bird on Lake City Way near 117th

Ellen Blackstone ellenblackstone at gmail.com
Sun May 28 14:48:04 PDT 2017

Hey, Tweets,

Just heard an unfamiliar bird being harassed by crows behind the
TacoTime on the west side of Lake City Way around 117th. Could barely
see it, but when it flew it seemed to be a parrot or somesuch.

I have a recording, if you need it to ID the bird.

I have no idea where all to report it, in the hope of finding its home.
I haven't heard of any of the Seward Park parrots/parakeets being up
this way for many years.

Thanks for any advice you have; offline is fine.

Ellen Blackstone, Wedgwood

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