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We were there in April. I had a fixed 300 with a 1.4 extender. My wife had a 1-400 variable. I got good shots with mine but a 70-300 (perhaps with extender) would probably have been better. Sometimes animals were "too close".

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Hi Tweets,

I should have thought to ask this when I asked for guidebook recommendations a couple of weeks ago. (Thanks for your excellent recommendations!) I’m debating which lenses to take on our upcoming Galapagos trip. I understand that the birds are often literally at your feet, but I’d like to have a zoom for flight shots, etc. I have the following in addition to my kit 18-55 lens; which lens or combo would you recommend bringing for bird photography?

* 70-300 (light and newer but less reach)
* 300 fixed (best focus, least flexibility)
* 80-400 (older and a bit slow but more reach)
Thanks very much once again,

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