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I've had a few Pine Siskin (PISI) up to 50, all winter this year, and I still have a couple as of yesterday (SE Shoreline.)
Those that I have seen have all been healthy, which by itself is a miracle.

I currently have two broods of Dark-eyed Juncos (Oregon subspecies), a Bewick's Wren (BEWR) nesting on the front porch, and I just started seeing Chestnut-backed Chickadees (CBCH) landing on the ground (which to me says newly hatched). I haven't seen any new Black-capped Chickadees (BCCH) yet, but I expect to see some anytime now. Also, I am only seeing the male Spotted Towhees (SPTO), which means that the females should be on nests, I'm watching for the fledglings to appear soon. (Note: Yesterday, I again saw "my" banded male SPTO. We haven't banded in my yard since the February 2013, so this guy has to be at least five years old.)

My hummer water is being depleted at a more rapid pace than I have ever had in the last 15 years. I do have lots of hummers, several juvie, but I am wondering if less people are putting out nectar, so more are coming to my feeders. For a while I thought maybe something else was drinking the nectar, but I was off work yesterday, and watched as these hummers just kept coming back and really drinking. I have lotssss of good hummingbird and pollinator plants (no pesticide yard), even including two Chilean Firebush trees which are in full bloom. So maybe my yard is just a great magnet this year. I also have three fountains, and it is so fun to watch hummers take their baths.

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> In Lincoln Park, West Seattle, I heard many in early spring, but only saw a few. Then I did see some Siskins around Easter time that were collecting nesting

> material. I saw a couple of them in our garden on April 21, but have not seen them since! - Janeanne


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> Hello, tweets.

> I have a Pine Siskin at a tube feeder in my yard right now, first one I have seen in over a year. They seem to have been scarce in or absent from the area this

> last winter, so I’m glad to see one again. Are they all over the place now?

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