[Tweeters] Pine Siskin in Seattle

Bob Sundstrom ixoreus at scattercreek.com
Thu May 25 09:57:15 PDT 2017

Dennis and Tweeters,

Here along upper Scatter Creek in south Thurston County, we've had very few
siskins this past winter and so far in spring, no more than 3-4 at a time
and usually for only a few days running. Yesterday I happened to see a
single siskin fly into a Douglas-fir and work the cones, but this was the
first one in a couple of weeks. Purple Finches, on the other hand, have
been at record numbers this spring. The Master Birder group picnicking here
while watching bird feeders in late April counted 30-40 at one time,
compared to our year-round typical number of 6-10 each day.

Good birding, Bob

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Hello, tweets.

I have a Pine Siskin at a tube feeder in my yard right now, first one I have
seen in over a year. They seem to have been scarce in or absent from the
area this last winter, so I'm glad to see one again. Are they all over the
place now?


Dennis Paulson


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