[Tweeters] Possible black-and-white warbler - central SW King County

Maureen E. Ellis mj2ephd at uw.edu
Mon May 22 20:13:35 PDT 2017


Be on the look-out, particularly in the coastal wooded areas on the east
side of Puget Sound. Today, I saw what appeared to be a female
black-and-white warbler, very crisp plumage, in a tree close off my 4th
story deck, condo S end unit. I have water, suet, seed offerings on this
deck with forest surrounds south and west. This warbler came quite close.
Got good ventral and lateral views. Throat white and central belly white
with otherwise black and white striping on the back and head; very crisp
appearance. Drat, I could not get a photo...bird was skulking quickly
along leafy branches and on the tree trunk within 20 feet of my viewing.

There are black-throated gray warblers here every season. They breed in the
nearby forest, and, I have seen them close this season. At any rate,
decades ago, I had black-and-white warblers every year in Memphis, TN, as
yard birds! Today's b & w possibility here in the Pacific NW was a
stunning surprise. Hopefully, it will hang around; and I can get a photo
and/or someone else will see this species in the local area to confirm it.
This area would be very fine habitat for the black-and-white warbler

Good luck and good birding,

Maureen E Ellis
NE edge of Seahurst forest in Burien, WA.

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