[Tweeters] Road Rage on Bettas Road

Megan Lyden meganlyden at msn.com
Sun May 21 23:36:03 PDT 2017

Hi Tweeters,
Just want to give birders a "heads-up" that there is a volatile resident on Bettas Road near Cle Elum.
As my husband and I turned onto Bettas Road today, we passed a pick-up truck that was parked on the side of Bettas Road with a man and a woman in it. As we proceeded down Bettas Road, we stopped very briefly as I scanned for birds. We were hauling a small trailer and didn't notice that the pick-up was now immediately behind us until they laid on the horn. We immediately pulled further off the road. The driver of the pick-up truck pulled up and stopped next to us and the woman yelled, "This is a road." I apologized but the woman kept yelling. My husband pointed out that there was plenty of room for them to go around (obviously, because they had pulled up next to us) and the man got out of the truck, slammed the door, and headed over to us with his chest puffed out and his arms on his waist and started yelling at us, "What did you say? What are you saying to me?" I tried to defuse the situation by saying, "Sir, we've apologized and it's a beautiful day, there's no need for all of this, OK?" He got back in his truck, slammed the door and peeled off. As we continued up Bettas Road, we saw him in his driveway; he made a big show of flipping us off as we drove by.
We obviously were in the wrong by not initially pulling off the road sufficiently, but I still feel I should warn other birders about this couple.
Megan Lyden
Bellevue WA

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